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(In progress)

Director: David Tena

Screenwriter: David Tena and Irene Gil

Producer: Colibrí Studio

With the support of: ICAA, ICEC, Girona Provincial Council, Girona City Council


In unspecified time and space, male bodies lie in the darkness of the night. The incessant sound of an engine seems to keep them asleep while traveling cradled by the swaying of a boat. Up on the deck, a group of men pray facing the point where the sun will rise in a few hours’ time. "Aiguallum Lamparo" follows in the footsteps of the last community of fishermen of Cap de Creus who practice ancestral “fire-fishing.” Here, the fishermen attract the fish by playing with light.

AIGUALLUM LAMPARO (David Tena) ©.jpeg
AIGUALLUM LAMPARO (David Tena) ©.jpeg
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