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a portrait with Tomàs Pladevall

Year: 2021
Running time: 60min.

Director: Joan Tisminetzky
Screenwriter: Joan
Tisminetzky, Francina Verdés
In collaboration with: Laura Huguet

Cinematography: Joan Tisminetzky
Sound: Gianni Quarta, Jordi Paris, Hamid E. Martín and Alejandra Molina
Assembly: Pere Marzo
Producer: Colibrí Studio
With the participation of: Televisió de Catalunya, ICEC, Institut Ramon Llull


Festivals and awards:

Gijón International Film Festival - Award for Best Spanish Feature Film Director. 2021

La Inesperada Festival. Barcelona 2022

Malaga Film Festival. 2022

FIC-CAT. 2022 - Special Jury Mention

Som Cinema Lleida Festival. 2022

Girona Film Fest. 2022

Memorimage. Reus. 2022

Catalan Film Fest Scotland. Edinburgh (UK). 2023

Babel Film Fest. Cagliari (Italy). 2023 



The first of his films, "Robin Hood Never Dies", is lost. Tomàs Pladevall is an admired photography director; a master of light who seeks to recover his personal archive. He has been retired from the profession for years but he cannot help but continue experimenting with light and shadow.

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