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Audiovisual Installation "El Amparo y sus cocineras"

Audiovisual production and design of the exhibition "El Amparo y sus cocineras" at Sala Ondare Aretoa & La Encantada Fabrika Museoa in Bilbao, curated by Lorea Salaberria and produced by Hiruki Studio. A tribute to the cooks who, during the last decades of the 19th century and the first ones of the 20th century, laid the foundations of traditional Basque cuisine working very hard behind the stoves. Because what we currently know as “Basque cuisine” also has a woman’s name.

Curator: Lorea Salaberria

Design and audiovisual production: Colibrí Studio

Director and editor: Raúl M. Candela

Sound: Hamid E. Martin

Exhibition design: Hiruki Studio

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