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Year: 2019

Duration: 61min.

Director: Pere Marzo Font

Screenwriter: Pere Marzo Font and Raúl Martínez Candela

Cinematography: Óscar Guillén

Sound: Hamid E. Martín and Jonathan Herráiz

Editing: Pablo Gil and Pere Marzo

Producer: Colibrí Studio

Co-producers: Televisió de Catalunya, Víctor Forniés, Aragón TV, Exit Media and Luce Cinecittà


Festivals and awards:

Sitges International Film Festival -  Best Documentary Sitges Audience Award. 2018

Guangzhou International Documentary Festival (China). 2018

Almeria Western Film festival (Spain). 2018

International Documentary Festival Eindhoven DOCFEED (Netherlands). 2019

Wales International Documentary Festival (UK). 2019 

CinemaSpagna (Italy). 2019

FIC-CAT International Catalan Film Festival (Catalonia). 2019


Fifty years have gone by since the golden age of Spaghetti Westerns, a unique film genre that reimagined the American Far West. Today few remember the Balcázar Studios in Barcelona, Spain, one of the most productive of this genre for almost a decade.

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