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Year: 2019

Duration: 20min.

Director & Screewriter: Sergio H. Martín  

Cinematography: Pablo Lago

Sound: Ander Agudo, Hamid Martín

Editing: Sergio H. Martín

Producer: Colibrí Studio

With the participation of: ICEC, ICAA


Festivals and awards:

FICUNAM - International Film Festival. Mexico 2019 -  Special Jury Mention

Brussels Short Film Festival. Belgium 2019

Poitiers Film Festival. France 2019

International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography CAMERIMAGE. Poland 2019

Camden International Film Festival. United States 2019.

The Guarimba Film Festival. Italy 2019

SCOPE - Documenta Film Festival. Spain 2019

Les Enfants Terribles - European First Film Festival. Belgium 2019 - Best Short Film

CELLU L'ART Short Film Festival Jena. Germany 2020

Mediterranean Film Festival. Bosnia Herzegovina 2020


Welcome to the world of high-performance sport, where dreams, the body and technology cross paths to shape the human being of the 21st century, victim and executioner in search of a desire that imposes maximum efficiency and forces us to correct every gesture.

The Six Degrees of Freedom is a physical and emotional experience that shows us the progress of the Olympic swimmer Àfrica Zamorano in her preparation for world competitions.

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