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COLIBRÍ STUDIO is an independent production company based in Barcelona, which started its activity in July 2015. Specialising in documentary film, art and audiovisual design for exhibitions, the company’s aim is to produce innovative, quality projects committed to culture, art and with a social perspective.


The company is made up of a team with extensive experience in the audiovisual sector: Pere Marzo, specialised in directing and editing, Raúl M. Candela, producer, specialised in documentary rights management, Francina Verdés, director, scriptwriter and producer of numerous audiovisual projects, Hamid E. Martín, specialist in sound and sound design, and Santiago D. Risco, image producer and post-producer.

In order to develop and carry out different projects, COLIBRÍ STUDIO works regularly with an extensive network of specialised collaborators at national and international level.



"‘The Guarani explain that one day there was a huge fire in the jungle.
All the animals fled in fear, it was a terrible fire.
Suddenly, the jaguar saw the hummingbird go by over his head… in the opposite direction, that is, towards the fire.
He was very surprised, but he didn’t want to stop.
At once, he saw him go by again, this time in his direction.
He saw him coming and going several times, until he decided to ask the bird, as it seemed to him to be rather strange behaviour:
“What are you doing, hummingbird?” he asked.
“I’m going to the lake,” he answered, “I get water with my beak and I throw it into the fire to put it out.”
The jaguar laughed.
“Are you crazy?” he said. “Do you think you’ll be able to put it out with your small beak, on your own?”
“Well,” the hummingbird replied, “I’m doing my bit…”
And after saying this, he left to get more water from the lake.’




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